Water Filters
Friendly Water offer a huge variety of options,so you can mix and match your choice of tap to your choice of drinking water filters

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See how you can benefit from a drinking water system from Friendly Water.

Are you happy with the taste and quality of your tap water? If not, perhaps it is time to install a drinking water filter which you, your family or your business will greatly benefit from.

There are lots of alternatives available on the market these days when it comes to drinking water filters, such as jug water filters or bottled water. However, having a quality drinking water system installed has proven to be the most economical and convenient solution, compared to other options.

For example, Brita filters and other jug water filters have been a controversial issue for a while now, as they are not designed to remove bacteria, but instead the bacteria can accumulate in the filter with time. Also, jug water filters have to be replaced often, which proves to be expensive.

Buying bottled water is also costly and, in addition, you don’t really know what the bottled water you are buying contains, because the bottled water regulations are minimal. 40% of the bottled water is just tap water with some disinfectants added to it, such as chlorine.

Chlorine is also present in tap water, that is why a lot of people find the taste of their tap water unpleasant. The chlorine combines with some organic and inorganic components in the mains supply water, which also affects the taste of the tap water.

Drinking water filtration systems remove bacteria and chlorine from water, providing the clear and pure water to you, as nature intended.

Friendly Water offers three types of drinking water systems:
1. The carbon filtration systems
2. The scale reduction filters which, in addition to removing contaminants, also remove hardness of the water
3. The RO drinking water systems which remove up to 99% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), bacteria and viruses from the tap water.

At Friendly Water, our specialists can advise you on the best brand of the water filter that will be the best for your requirements. We provide an unbiased independent expert opinion. 

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Friendly Water have a dedicated team to look after your drinking water system once installed. Remember that a filter system that is not properly maintained can result in contaminated water.

We will contact you when the filters are due, arrange for one of our team to visit and replace the necessary cartridges and check the general operation of the system. We do not charge for this service. This is only available for equipment supplied by Friendly Water in our service area.