Why it is important for your health to drink filtered water.

Some unpleasant facts about tap water and why it is better to drink filtered water for your health.

  • Tap water may contain more than 2000 contaminants, which include some poisons.
  • Tap water also contains lead, which causes learning difficulties in children, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. While clean and healthy drinking water is essential to child's physical and mental development. Lead can also cause birth defects, so pregnant women should drink pure and filtered water.
  • Tap water also may contain some toxic materials which are responsible for causing cancer, such as chlorine and chlorine by-products, which cause colon, rectal and bladder cancers.

Drinking filtered water reduces the risk of gastrointestinal disease by at least 30%, as filters remove cryptosporidium and giardia from tap water. For example, in 1993 in Milwaukee, United States, there was an ooutbreak of cryptosporidium that infected more than 400,000 city residents. Municipal water treatment facilities are not always able control the levels of contanimation of tap water by dangerous bacteria.

Filtered water is better tasting and smelling, as drinking water filters remove chlorine and bacteria. Filtered water is also better for cooking, as gives better taste to cooked food.

There are various options how to filter water in your home: using simple water filters, or installing a drinking water filtration system in your house. Our experts recommend, install and service brands such as: Brita, Kinetico and other quality brands of filtration systems. We provide an unbiased professional advice on what system would be better for your property.