Water Chillers and Carbonators

Water at home exactly as you want it.

H2OMY Water Dispenser Chiller and Carbonator 

The water dispensers in the H2OMY line simplify water management at home, eliminating the need for actions such as buying, transporting and storing bottles. A triple saving: money, time and space.

H2OMY water chiller and carbonator is very functional and efficient. Small and discreet, it can be positioned under the sink of the house. Cold, sparkling and hot water can immediately be available from the house tap. This the fastest and most practical way to drink good tasting water!

These water coolers were designed to provide large quantities of still, carbonated, room temperature, cold or hot water. They are easy to use and manufactured using top quality materials, offering the utmost hygiene and ease of maintenance. Indicated for household use, it can also be used in applications like like bars and cafes.