Hard Water Problems And Their Solutions

1. Hard Water Damages Your Household Appliances

Damaging your household appliances, such as washing machines and showers, causing them to require repairs and servicing more frequently.

The Solution: Softened water removes scale from your household appliances which extends their life cycle and saves you money.

2. Hard Water Can Aggravate Skin Conditions

Aggravating skin conditions such as eczema and dry skin. Eczema is more common in hard water areas.

The Solution: Many people with eczema report that softened water causes great improvements in their skin conditions. Water softeners remove the chalk and lime in the water, making it softer than rain water. Less use of soaps and detergents means healthier skin for all your family and provides enormous savings in soaps, shampoos, conditioners and washing powders.

3. Scum Deposits on Surfaces

Unsightly scum deposits on your tiles, surfaces, fittings and appliances that waste hours in time spent cleaning.

The Solution: Cleaning becomes a breeze with no watermarks on glassware or bathroom suites even when left to drip-dry.

4. Scale Build Up

Clogging your plumbing with scale build up resulting in inefficient heating (costly bills) and reduced water flow.

The Solution: If your pipes are already suffering from scale build up, softened water will gradually wash away any deposits returning your plumbing to full efficiency.