Why it is important to use filtered water for your ice machine.

Drinking filtered water

Here I am again to advocate for the use of filtered water .

Do you like your drinks ice cold? And what makes ice smell and taste badly? How can you improve the quality of your ice, and should you?

If ice in your home has an off-flavour and does not taste very good - maybe it's time to check your water filters and overall quality of your water!

Ice is usually used in drinks to chill the drink before the ice melts and to add a little bit of melting water to the drink, to add flavour, without adding too much liquid. Therefore, it is important that ice tastes good.

Why do most ice machines recommend to use filtered water for making ice? - Unfiltered and hard water contains minerals and scale deposits which, if not removed, make your ice cloudy and can quickly accumulate inside the machine preventing it from working properly. 

It is a good idea to have your water tested for organic material and mineral content, such as chlorine, iron, sodium etc. Chlorine can make your ice taste like it has just been taken from the swimming pool, excess iron can attract certain bacteria, and sodium causes build up of magnesium and calcium in the ice, also making it cloudy. 

Therefore, we do recommend to put the right water filter in place to get the best quality water in your home possible. Actually, the more you purify the water in your home - the better it will taste. Combining a water softener and a water filter will remove most of the impurities and biological contaminants from the water, making it the best for drinking.

The other thing to consider is to keep your ice bin clean. It can become contaminated very quickly if you use your hands or even your glass to scoop ice, or leave the lid open. Low temperatures of the freezer alone are not enough to kill all the bacteria, so it is important to sanitize your ice bin once in a while.     

Enjoy your drinks everyone, and happy upcoming holiday season!

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