Brita Purity C50 Filter

Brita Purity C50 Filter

Trusted Systematic Filter Technology decarbonises water in four steps.
• Effectively reduces unwanted substances that negatively affect taste and aroma, also in bypass water, for optimum quality ofthe end product.
• Easy handling thanks to rapid-change system, including innovative locking handle for reliable adjustment.
• Easy to operate and space-saving integrated flush valve.
• Meets your needs: works in coffee, espresso and vending machines, as well as combi steamers and ovens and comes in a wide range of capacities. 

Friendly Water have a dedicated team to look after your drinking water system once installed.

Remember that a filter system that is not properly maintained can result in contaminated water. We will contact you when the filters are due, arrange for one of our team to visit and replace the necessary cartridges and check the general operation of the system.

We do not charge for this service. This is only available for equipment supplied by Friendly Water in our service area.

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