Eco 315 RO system

  • Eco 315 RO Water Purifier Spec Sheet
  • The best quality water for drinking.
  • The pure water is stored in a tank for use at any time.
  • The system is able to remove approximately 95% of contaminants: chlorine, lead, fluorides, bacteria and viruses, and unpleasant tastes and odours.
  • Operates on mains water pressure using a semi- permeable membrane. This rejects impurities and washes them down the drain.
Eco 315 RO water purifier

Reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems are able to produce an amazing level of water purity and remove nearly all contaminants.

The Eco-315 is a fine example of the technology.
Around 2% of water is supplied to a household is used for drinking and cooking. Tap water has to meet strict water quality regulations and be ’fit for purpose’. However, there are regional variations in taste, chemical composition and appearance leading to many consumers to buy bottled water.
How the system works: 
Water is firstly filtered through a sediment / carbon block filter. The water then enters the thin film composite membrane where the water is divided into two streams. The membrane is so fine that the pure H20 molecules pass through the membrane to the storage tank while the contaminants are flushed away to drain. When water is required for drinking the flow is reversed and diverted through the post filter. This removes any final taste elements and ‘polishes’ the water to give a quality, at the tap, that exceeds that of bottled water.

  • High performance carbon block filters as pre and post treatments.
  • High capacity storage tank holding 4 litres of pure water.
  • Has automatic shut off when full.
  • Compact design for under sink installation.
  • High performance membrane producing up to 7 litres of pure water per hour
  • Nominal pure water production rate 126 litres per hour
  • Minimum / maximum operating temperature 4° to 38° C
  • Minimum / maximum water pressure 0.5 to 3 bar*
  • Membrane type Thin film composite (TFC)
  • Recovery ratio 1 to 1
  • pH range 6 to 9
  • TDS level No more than 1500mg/l
  • Water hardness No more than 170 mg/l
  • Pre & post filters Carbon block cartridge/ T33
  • Dimensions of membrane module (W x D x H mm) 169 x 392 x 422mm
  • Pre filter cartridge life 6 months
  • Post filter cartridge life 9 months
  • Membrane life Variable – approximately 3 years on soft water**
  • Warranty (excluding consumables) 1year
  • Water flow to tap 2.1 L/min (max)
  • Power requirement (supplied with a 36V 3.3 amp transformer) 230V 50Hz

Note: Actual system production and contamination reduction will depend on water temperature, pressure,
TDS level, membrane variation and usage pattern. We advise that any RO system should be plumbed with a water softener as softened water will extend membrane life considerably. Chlorine will damage a TFC membrane. The carbon block pre-filter will remove chlorine from the incoming water supply.
Both carbon block filters should be changed 6 monthly.
This RO system should not be used with water that is microbiologically unsafe.
The Eco-315 is supplied with a stainless steel lever tap. However, there are other options including our ‘designer’ range and a number of tri-way taps

Friendly Water have a dedicated team to look after your drinking water system once installed.

Remember that a filter system that is not properly maintained can result in contaminated water. We will contact you when the filters are due, arrange for one of our team to visit and replace the necessary cartridges and check the general operation of the system.

We do not charge for this service. This is only available for equipment supplied by Friendly Water in our service area.

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