Benefits of filtered water for kidney health.

How can filtered water benefit your kidneys?

Thousands of people in the UK die from dehydration every year, as dehydration causes kidney failure. People of old age and those with diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses are especially at risk, as their kidneys might not be as strong and affected by disease or age.

According to the recent Daily Mail publication, about thirteen thousand of deaths in NHS hospitals each year can be avoided if patients simply drink a glass of water to stay hydrated. Dehydration leading to the Acute Kidney Injury and kidney failure, is the reason for more than 1000 deaths a month. Many of these patients develop the AKI (Acute Kidney Injury) while in hospital for reasons unrelated to kidney problems. Others may need a kidney transplant.

Kidneys are responsible for filtering toxins and eliminating waste from the body through urine. To work properly, kidneys require sufficient water to wash out the toxic ­elements, otherwise the built up of waste poisons the kidneys and the body, causing kidney failure.

While drinking water is essential to maintain healthy kidneys, drinking filtered water can provide even more benefits for a long-lasting health.  Water coming our of a home water filter or water purifier contains less contaminants, such as chlorine, heribicides and pesticides which are found in tap and well water. 

Experts recommend using home water filtration systems, rather than buying bottled mineral or spring water. The reason being, when buying bottled water, you don't really know what is in it, and the bottled water regulation is minimal. While some bottled waters are fine, other can just be reprocessed tap water. According to the EPA study several years ago, 40% of all bottled mineral water was just tap water with some disinfectants added to it, such a chlorine.

Drinking enough filtered water every day is also a good way to prevent kidney stones formation.

Home water filtration system may be the answer and the most economical solution to getting the best quality drinking water in your home. 


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