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  • The Friendly Water Expert That Can Get You The Best Quality Water That You Want

    Each manufacturer of a water treatment product or a water system claims that their product is the best product on the market. Well, it is unlikely that all these manufacturers, who are merely marketing their own products, are right. That is why customers need impartial...

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  • Which Drinking Water Filter Type is Best for the Job?

    Which Drinking Water Filter Type is Best for the Job?

    Setting up a new water treatment system is a relatively simple process, but there are still some decisions that you must make, including which filter type is right for the job. Three of the most popular options in the water industry are reverse osmosis, activated...

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  • Why it is safer to drink filtered water. Facts about water pollution in the UK.

    Data is taken from the research produced by the conservation group WWF, the commission report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and from the study conducted by the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition (CPPC). Facts about water pollution. 1. 40% of rivers are polluted with raw sewage at...

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  • Soft Water is the Best Skin Care product.

    Our water treatment experts recommend soft water as the best skincare product. Hard water found in a lot of regions of the UK, causes dryness of the skin, because hard water minerals stick to the skin after washing causing dryness and often eczema. When hard...

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  • What Hard Water Does to Pipes and Household Appliances.

    What Hard Water Does to Pipes and Household Appliances.

    Hard Water scale accumulates inside the pipes and household appliances, on the kitchen and bathroom taps and other surfaces. This scale is very difficult to remove. The appliances which usually have the most damage are the dishwashers, water heaters and washing machines. Once the minerals...

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  • Boiling Drinking Water to Make it Safe?

    Boiling Drinking Water to Make it Safe?

    Many people in Ireland have been advised to boil their drinking water to make it safe. Is a home drinking water filter a better answer? The EPA – Environmental Protection Agency – has published the Drinking Water Report 2015, which showed that 35 Boil...

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  • Which Water Softener System?

    Our independent water treatment experts will provide an unbiased advice on the best water softener or water treatment system for your needs and budget. Let us help you make an informed decision. Friendly Water will provide a detailed overview and will compare water softeners...

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  • Hard Water can cause hair damage. Water softener can help better care for your hair.

    Hard Water can cause hair damage. Water softener can help better care for your hair.

    Water softener may be your answer to a continuous hair damage  due to hard water. Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as copper, manganese, calcium and iron. Every time you wash you hair in hard water, these minerals build up in your...

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  • Benefits of filtered water for kidney health.

    How can filtered water benefit your kidneys? Thousands of people in the UK die from dehydration every year, as dehydration causes kidney failure. People of old age and those with diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses are especially at risk, as their kidneys might...

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  • Hard water in London and South East England causes eczema in babies

    According to the Evening Standard, hard water in London is the primary reason for babies and young children developing eczema. As a young mother in London, I had faced it myself: endless visits to the GP, private dermatologists, trying different creams, prescription medications ...

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