Hard Water and Signs You Need to Install a Water Softener

Hard water stains

The hardness of water can vary depending on where you live.

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You can have your water tested to find out details about the minerals present in your water source. Most homeowners, however, do not need a test to determine if they need to consider a water softener for their homes. If you live in a home with hard water, you may notice a few unpleasant side effects immediately upon moving in. Other problems may show up over time. You may notice problems with your skin, clothing, and shower surfaces. 

Higher Bills

The first higher expense you may notice is your water bill. Hard water often moves slower through the pipes due to mineral buildup. You may leave the water running longer to accomplish tasks due to this problem. Hard water also causes buildup in water heaters, causing them to use more electricity or gas to heat the water. 

Think about your cleaning product expenses, as well. Hard water prevents cleaning products from sudsing up as they're designed to, resulting in excessive use of soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, and dishwasher detergent. Check your home's water content if you suddenly begin to spend more money on utility bills and necessities. 

Increased Plumbing Repairs

If your plumber spends a lot of time at your house, you may also want to consider a water softener. Talk to a professional about the cause of your plumbing problems. Limescale buildup can contribute to an untimely end to showerheads, faucets, and water valves. Mineral deposits in the pipes can cause low water pressure and serious clogs. 

When your valves become covered with limescale, they may not turn on or off, making it impossible to stop water from flowing into your home without turning it off at the main source. The individual valves under sinks, toilets, and near your washing machine all exist to help you turn the water off quickly in case of water overflow. Hard water may render these unusable, resulting in multiple plumbing bills for replacements. Common plumbing repairs for residents with hard water include the following items. 

•   Dishwasher and washing machine repairs

•   Replacement pipes due to buildup and 

•   Replacement faucets and showerheads

•   Clogged and slow-flowing drains

•   Water heater replacements

Savings on repairs, cleaning supplies, and new appliances may offset the cost of installing a new water-softening system. Damage from hard water may also void the warranty on your appliances, causing even higher repair bills for homeowners. Talk to your plumber about the cause of your problems and have your water tested to find out if a water softener can help reduce your repair bills. 

Constantly Cleaning Stains 

Other than limescale, hard water often leaves rust-colored stains in sinks, tubs, and toilets. You may also have problems removing stains from the tile on your shower walls. Over time, these stains become almost impossible to remove, causing homeowners to spend money on refinishing tubs and replacing tiles. Your glass items, such as dishes and shower doors, may also have water spots on them constantly. 

Fading Colors and Rough Texture on Laundry

Hard water can make your clothes look old and feel uncomfortable. You may also notice stains and discolored clothes. If your white clothes become dingy fast and your clothes irritate your skin, get your water tested. Hard water wears out your clothes faster and makes them look much older. 

Problems with Skin and Hair

If you are used to soft water, you may have a very difficult time feeling comfortable after showers with hard water. Many people react poorly to hard water on their skin. Your hair may also become brittle and impossible to style well. Itchy and irritated skin can also be a result of hard water. If you feel you cannot get your hair or skin moisturized properly, your water may be the cause. 

If you feel like you cannot get control of the utility bills and cost of cleaning supplies, start researching water softeners for your home. Over time, the damage to your pipes, appliances, and clothes can cause a significant financial strain. If purchasing a new home, have the water tested and install a water softener immediately to avoid financial stress in the future. 

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