How Hard Water Could Be Harming Your Skin

How does hard water harm your skin?

Most people know that hard water can be bad for your pipes and bathroom fixtures, causing clogging and corrosion of metal surfaces. However, many don't know that it could also be damaging your skin. Here's how hard water may be impacting your skin health.

How does hard water harm your skin?

Hard Water May Cause Dry or Itchy skin

Hard water has a high mineral content, and these minerals pull the natural oils out of your skin that keep it healthy and moisturized. This can cause your skin to dry out or become itchy and irritated, but it can also lead to other more serious skin conditions.

Hard Water May Cause Acne or Blackheads

Just like how hard water leaves residue on your clothing when you wash it, it's also leaving a build-up of soap residue on your skin. 

Those natural oils that your body produces are distributed through the pores, and when they get clogged, oil is then trapped inside of them. These clogged pores are what lead to the formation of blemishes.

Hard Water May Cause Eczema

There's also evidence that hard water may damage the skin barrier, leading to the development of eczema in some people. Eczema is a skin condition that causes rashes, itchiness, and potential skin infections.

Hard Water and Dryness Can Contribute to Premature Aging of The Skin

Hard water contains traces of minerals such as iron and magnesium. These impurities can damage healthy skin cells and even begin to break down collagen, causing your skin to look more aged over time.

How to protect your skin from hard water

Installing a water softener in your home is the best course of action. These devices filter out damaging minerals before they get to you, protecting your skin from harm.

However, if you can't afford a whole-house water softener system, you could also invest in a water-softening shower head. In addition, using a gentle cleanser rather than soap for your skin can help.

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