Factors to Consider When Choosing A Water Softener 

Hague maximizer 410 water softener

If you are in the market for a water softener for your home, take some time to sort out your options and pick the best for your needs. More is involved in choosing the best water softener for your home than you may realise. This article covers key factors to help you select the best water treatment system.

Water Usage: how important it is when installing a water softener?

First, you should consider the size of your home and how many people typically live there. It is generally accepted that most people use around 250 litres of water daily. This makes calculating your household's water usage simple enough -- 250 x the number of people in your home = total daily water usage in litres. Most systems quote the capacities in terms of water volume and number of occupants they are suitable for, making it easy for you to pick the right one.

Water Hardness in your home: is a water softener needed?

Suppose you are going to use a water softener. In that case, it makes sense to determine the water hardness in your home. As well as checking with your local authority, you can invest in a hardness test kit when buying a water softener. Our experts at Friendly Water can conduct a water hardness test for you for free. Click here to arrange a visit today.

Location for Installation of a Water Softener

To successfully install a water softener, the system must have easy access to the property's incoming water feed, a power source (if you are considering a mains-powered system), and a drain. After it's installed, you also need to be able to access it easily so you can top off the volume of salt when required. This may seem common sense, but it's worth highlighting that measuring the space available where water enters your property is essential.

While it can be challenging to choose the best water softener, keeping the factors above in mind will help you to make the right decision.

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