Soft Water Guide: 5 Reasons You Might Need A Water Treatment System

In discussions about water treatment systems, people often focus on the challenges of hard water. Hard water in the home is evident as limescale deposits in your kitchen and bathroom. Your water pipes and water-using appliances are also badly affecte by hard water deposits. Learn more about the benefits of soft water.

However, the need for a water treatment system is just as critical in regions with naturally soft water. Water quality involves more than just its hardness; it's a complex mix of different factors. You might need a water filtration system for various reasons: to remove specific pollutants, address health concerns, or improve your water's taste. Installing a water filter in an area with soft water, or if you have a water softener in your home, can be as highly beneficial. This guide provides essential insights and information to help you decide on your home's best water treatment approach.

Soft water treatment

1. Water Quality Concerns: Soft water in the UK is generally safe to drink as it meets strict safety standards set by regulatory bodies. However, if there are specific concerns about contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, or other pollutants, a filtration system can help remove these.

2. Personal Taste Preferences: Some people may not like the taste of their tap water, even if it's soft. A filtration system can improve the taste by removing chlorine and other substances that affect the flavor.

3. Plumbing and Household Systems: If your home has older pipes, there might be a risk of trace metals like lead or copper leaching into the water. A filtration system can help remove these metals.

4. Health Concerns: Individuals with certain health conditions or weakened immune systems might opt for additional water filtration for extra safety. RO water filters remove up to 95% of contaminants, bacteria and viruses from tap water.

5. Environmental Factors: Sometimes, local environmental factors, such as agricultural runoff or industrial pollution, can affect water quality. In such cases, a water filter can provide additional protection.

Quality water is crucial for health and well-being, and investing in a water filtration system is a proactive step toward safeguarding your health as we become more aware of environmental factors affecting the UK's drinking water and the potential risks of older plumbing systems. Filtration of soft water is a necessary aspect of modern home maintenance, ensuring the water is as safe as it is soft.

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