Direct Flow 800 RO Water Purifier

  • Direct 800 RO System Specification Sheet
  • This filter is able to remove approximately 95% of contaminants such as chlorine, lead, fluorides, bacteria and viruses, bad tastes and odours.
  • Delivers high quality fresh tasting drinking water
  • Utiilises very latest membrane technology to produce Pure Drinking water on demand at a flow of 2 litres per minute.
  • The system monitors and displays feed water quality as well as the purity of the drinking water in real time.
Direct Flow 800 RO Water Purifier

The best quality drinking water: Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers.
Reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers are able to produce an amazing level of water purity and remove nearly all contaminants.
The New Direct Flow 800 RO system is a fine example of the technology. The result is a highly pleasing, fresh tasting drinking water.
Traditional RO systems operate on mains water pressure using a semi-permeable membrane. This rejects impurities and washes them down the drain. The pure water is collected and stored in a tank for use at a later time.
The drawbacks of this system are that the proportion of water used to wash away the contaminants can be very high as the process is water pressure and temperature dependant. Some
systems waste 9 litres of water to produce just 1 litre. Also the speed at which the water is produced is a trickle, so the water must be collected and stored for later use. If usage patterns
vary and more water than is available in the tank is required in one go then the system runs out of pure water temporarily.
By eliminating the storage tank from the system the Direct Flow 800 Water Purifier eliminates the possibility of stagnation, temperature gain and tank failure/contamination.

• High performance carbon pre and post filters..
• No storage tank required,
• Compact design for under sink installation.
• Highperformancemembrane
• Leak Protection
• Cartridgereminder system
• Real time Water quality monitoring
• Waste water ratio 1:1

  • Nominal pure water production rate 126 litres per hour
  • Minimum / maximum operating temperature 4° to 38° C
  • Minimum / maximum water pressure 0.5 to 3 bar*
  • Membrane type Thin film composite (TFC)
  • Recovery ratio 1 to 1
  • pH range 6 to 9
  • TDS level No more than 1500mg/l
  • Water hardness No more than 170 mg/l
  • Pre & post filters Carbon block cartridge/ T33
  • Dimensions of membrane module (W x D x H mm) 169 x 392 x 422mm
  • Pre filter cartridge life 6 months
  • Post filter cartridge life 9 months
  • Membrane life Variable – approximately 3 years on soft water**
  • Warranty (excluding consumables) 1year
  • Water flow to tap 2.1 L/min (max)
  • Power requirement (supplied with a 36V 3.3 amp transformer) 230V 50Hz

Friendly Water have a dedicated team to look after your drinking water system once installed.

Remember that a filter system that is not properly maintained can result in contaminated water. We will contact you when the filters are due, arrange for one of our team to visit and replace the necessary cartridges and check the general operation of the system.

We do not charge for this service. This is only available for equipment supplied by Friendly Water in our service area.

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