The Reasons Why Maintaining Your Home Water Filter Matters

Reasons why maintaining your home drinking water filter is important

Due to different human activities, the groundwater that enters your water pipes is likely to be polluted by many contaminants. Well-designed water filters that use a combination of chemical and physical filtration can remove most of the pollutants in the water and provide you with delicious drinking water. Yet drinking water filters require regular maintenance to keep them working as they ought to work. Read on for the main reasons why you need to invest in maintaining your house water filter.

•   Groundwater usually contains the minerals from soil and rocks that have dissolved in it. These minerals create what is called hard water, which can build scale in your water filter. Scale can stop your water filter from working efficiently. So you need to regularly descale your water filter or inviest in a scale reduction water filter. Alternatively, you can invest in a water softener that removes the minerals that cause scale before the water enters the water filter and provides you with many other benefits.

•   Water filters that use activated charcoal as a method to filter water need to be checked regularly, as the filters become clogged with impurities. The filters in activated charcoal filters need to be replaced regularly. Failing to replace the clogged filters will prevent the water filter from filtering out the pollutants in the water.

•   If you have a water filter that uses ion exchange as a method of filtration, you need to regularly replace the salt that the filter uses. These filters require a special type of salt and they cannot work efficiently without adequate quantities of this salt.

The RO reverse osmosis drinking water filters are considered the best option to filter the water, as they remove up to 99% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), bacteria and viruses from the water.

•   Whether a water filter uses activated charcoal, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, or distillation, it needs to be checked regularly by professional plumbers and repaired if necessary.

So there are many reasons why you need to maintain your water filter. At Friendly Water, we can give you the friendliest advice on what to do to make sure that your water filter works well. We are friendly, so we replace your filters free of charge and we will let you know when you need to replace your cartridges. Our plumbers, who are experienced in the water industry, water systems, water treatment, and water filters, can be relied on to ensure that your water filter keeps working perfectly. Contact us for a quick quote.