5 Ways a Water Softener Can Benefit Your Home

While you may not consciously be considering the condition of the water in your home, you may actually be noticing it in small ways on a daily basis. Maybe your skin is dry and your hair feels weighed down following a shower. Perhaps you have build-up on your faucets and in your sinks, or you've noticed that your water pressure is low. If so, it's likely you have hard water. 

According to Thames Water, more than 60% of homes in the UK are located in hard-water areas. So what exactly is hard water

Hard water stains

Hard water in your home is the result of mineral buildup as groundwater flows through your plumbing and household appliances. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and even iron and aluminum, can be found in hard water. While there's no reason to be concerned about ingesting hard water, it can have adverse effects within your home. For this reason, a whole-home water softener can be extremely beneficial.  

How a water softener can help with hard water:

Plumbing and Appliance Protection

Your house is an important investment. You can help protect your plumbing and appliances by using a water softener to remove the minerals that cause buildup. Not only will your pipes benefit from a softener, but appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher will work more efficiently, saving you money and the expense of possible repairs.  

An Improved Wardrobe

We often think that repetitive washing is the culprit when it comes to our clothes becoming faded and worn. The truth is that the same deposits that create buildup in your plumbing can also affect the colors and textures of your clothing. A water softener can help to leave your wardrobe brighter and softer for longer. 

Skin and Hair Improvement

Softening your water can have an extremely beneficial impact on your beauty regimen. The minerals in hard water can wreak havoc on your skin, as they strip many of the essential oils that prevent dryness. Likewise with your hair: Water softener can help regulate your hair's pH levels while eliminating dry, brittle, heavy locks.  

Less Cleaning, More Greening

An added benefit of eliminating hard water in your home is the amount and effort that will go into cleaning it. Few of us like to clean, much less enjoy having to scrub tough water stains and buildup from sinks, tubs, and showers. Water softeners will make short order of your housekeeping time, and you'll save money on cleaning products. You can also eliminate using cleansers with harsher chemicals, allowing for a greener home. 

Improved Taste and Smell

Hard water, while not unhealthy to drink, can often bear the taste and smell of the chemical deposits within it. Whether you drink tap water or not, bathing, cooking, and cleaning with odorless, tasteless water is so much more appealing. 

From the larger benefits to the smaller ones, a water-softening system could be the solution to a happier, healthier, and more economical home. 

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