Quooker Nordic Tap

  • Your choice of boiling water tank, depending on capacity you prefer
  • Cold water filter
  • Limescale control
  • Nordic soup dispenser
  • Drip tray
Quooker Nordic Tap

Nordic Square Twintaps

All-in-one mixer tap and a Quooker tap in the same design: a boiling water tap and a mixer tap.  Available in round and square spout in two finishes: polished chrome or stainless steel.

The accessories to the tap include:

1. Cold Water Filter allows to quickly switch to filtered cold drinking water.

2. Scale Control RP is used to prevent scale build-up in the water tank

3. The Powerswitch equally distributes energy between appliances

4. Mounting bracket PRO3 is used to mount the tank in a unit with under-sink drawers

The Quooker Nordic tap comes in two finishes: polished chrome and stainless steel. 

Two shapes available: square and round.

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