Quooker Fusion Boiling Tap

  • Choice of 3 boiling water tanks.
  • Available in five finishes
  • Chilled water tank available
Quooker Fusion Boiling Tap

The Quooker Fusion Tap comes in various finishes. It provides cold, hot and boiling water from one tap.

The Fusion tap also delivers chilled sparkling water when you combine your Quooker tap with the CUBE chilled water tank. Available in round and square spout, in 5 finishes.

Available in five finishes: polished chrome, stainless steel, black, gunmetal, rose copper, patinated brass, gold.

Choice of three boiling water tanks: PRO3, PRO& and COMBI.

Cold Water Filter allows a quick switch to filtered drinking water.

Scale Control device prevents limescale build-up in the tank.

Drip tray is used when positioning the tap away from a sink.

Available in round and square shapes.

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