Kinetico Sumo

Kinetico Sumo water softener

Overall Rating: 1.8 (Out of 5)

A single tank non-electric water softener designed for small homes.Uses block salt. Not as efficient as twin tank models.

A high flow single tank water softener suited for small homes and flats. Average flow rate of around 30-40 litres per minute, which is perfect for small homes. Easy to use. Maintenance costs are minimal, lower than of an electric water softener. Good flow rate. 

Dimensioins: 495mm x 230mm x 470mm

Salt usage: 270mg

Water usage per regeneration: 25L

Regeneratioin time: 12 minutes

Max flow rate: 30-40 L/min

Min/Max pressure: 1 - 8 Bar

Water hardness level: 525 mg/ L

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