Kinetico Premier Plus

Kinetico Premier Plus water softener

Overall Rating: 2.7 (Out of 5)

A great watr softener for larger homes with 4+ bathrooms. Provides a good flow rate and continuous supply of soft water. Non-electric.

A water softener for larger houses, with extra precision hardness technology.

For large homes with 4+ bathrooms

Exceptional flow rates for a continuous supply of soft water

Non-electric operation for greater reliability

Twin-tank design guarantees continuous soft water, 24/7

Highly efficient salt consumption

Metered regeneration

10 year warranty

Dimensions: H 650mm x W 481mm x D 400mm

Salt Usage: 0.45kg

Peak Flow: 22.7 l/min

Regeneration Time: 12 mins

Minimum Operating Temperature: 2°C

Maximum Operating Temperature: 23°C

Minimum Operating Pressure: 1.8 bar

Maximum Operating Pressure: 6 bar

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