Harveys Arc or Minimax Innova

  • Great flow rate
  • Twin cylinder system
  • Eco cabinet - the cabinet made from recycled polypropylene from a clean source
  • Accurate metering
Harveys Arc or Minimax Innova

Overall Rating: 2.1 (Out of 5)

Harvey's leading water softener designed to work with all homes and softner requirements.

Includes an app to monitor salt levels. Smart shuttle technology to allow high flow rate. Using the highest grade resin allows more efficient capture of limescale particles.

Size: 487 mm Width: 202 mm Depth: 438 mm.

Water usage/regeneration: 17L

Regeneration time: 11mins

Max Flow Rate: 56L/min

Soft Water Capacity: 500L

Max Hardness: 635ppm

Min/Max Pressure: 1-10Bar

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