Ecowater Compact 100

  • Proportional brining technology, which means that the water and salt usage depends on the patterns of water use.
  • Very convenient: light indicator for salt level and the automatic salt level detection
  • Built Wi-fi technology to monitor and send alerts via mobile devices or a PCA
  • Strong structure and compact design
  • Ecowater Compact 100
  • Ecowater Compact 100
  • Ecowater Compact 100
Ecowater Compact 100 Ecowater Compact 100 Ecowater Compact 100

Overall Rating: 3.2 (Out of 5)

Ecowater is one of the most reliable brands on the market. Made with top quality materials and finish, the EcoWater range hare very efficient and have a compact design which will fit into your kitchen cupboard easily. The improved system provides for the more efficient water and salt use. 

Extremely easy to use: a large salt storage, an automatic salt level detection and a light for salt tank usage.

  • Valve: 3/4 " Single Disk
  • Salt Lid: clear and detachable
  • Salt tank light
  • Wi-fi technology
  • Electrical supply: transformer 240 Volt (AC) to 24 VOlt, 50 HZ (AC)
  • Min-max day time working pressure: 1.7-4.76 bar
  • Automatic Salt level detection

Total height (mm): 555

Width (mm): 325

Depth (mm): 430

Flow rate (peak) - litre/minute: 56.7

FLow rate with 1 bar pressure drop - litre/minute: 23.5

Recommended Max Softening capacity at 300 ppm (ltr): 1467

Mid softening capacity at 300 ppm / salt sode (ltr/kg): 1100/0.7

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