Which Water Softener System?

Our independent water treatment experts will provide an unbiased advice on the best water softener or water treatment system for your needs and budget. Let us help you make an informed decision.

Friendly Water will provide a detailed overview and will compare water softeners and water treatment systems, to help you make the right choice. Our water softener experts can also perform a free water hardness test in your home or business premisses to determine which water treatment system would be the best for your water. 

How hard is your water? See the UK water hardness map.

Our water softener experts are independent of any manufacturer, so they will be able to give you an unbiased opinion of advantages and disadvantages of any water softener brand. The options include either to buy a water softener, or to rent one. If you choose to rent a water softener, you can experience the benefits of soft water before committing yourself to buying a water treatment system.

You can ask for a no obligation, free of charge visit from our water softener specialist, who will be as informative as you want them to be, but the decision will be yours.

Our water treatment engineers will install a water softener in your home within a day or two of the order, causing you minimal disturbances. The water softener can be installed either inside the property or outside, if space is limited.

Our water softener service engineers will also be available after the installation to provide any support you need for your system. After we install your water softener, we will deliver the water softener salt to your door when you reorder it from us.

We take time to understand your needs and will be happy to provide a friendly service. Call-outs for under-performance are an unnecessary waste of time for both you and us, so we always try to do the best job first time round and to do it right. We have thousands of happy customers in our local area and you can read some of customer reviews here or on our Checkatrade page.

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