Water Treatment Independent Expert Advice. Part 1.

Water Softener Installation Guidance. Location of Your Water Softener.

Water softeners can be installed in a variety of places: Kitchen, Utility room, Garage or outside.

However, there are several vital conditions that must be met when installing a water softener:

  • Proper location of the softener is very important, as it should be placed so that the user can easily access the machine to check the salt level and add more salt if necessary.
  • Easy access to the bypass valves is also crucial. Enough room should be left between the top of the water softener and its enclosure in order to be able to manage the manual regeneration function.
  • To avoid a temperature rise in cold water supply, the water softener should be positioned away from hot water pipes and sources of heat such as boiler, oven or others. Where is it not possible, the thermal insulation should be used.
  • All pipe runs should be kept as short as possible, and cold water pipes should be beneath, not above the hot water pipes.
  • During the installation, it is very important that the earth bonding is checked by a suitably qualified professional to keep safe electrical earthing, because the existing pipe work is interrupted, particularly when the non-metallic bypass set is used.
  • For installation outdoors, or an unheated garage, it is important to protect the softener against freezing, to avoid damage and subsequent water loss.