Water Softeners vs. Water Softener Packets

Water Softeners vs. Water Softener Packets

Hard water can damage appliances, pipes in your home, and your health. The numerous problems that are caused by hard water make softening your hard water a necessity. Water softener packets are alternatives to using a water softener. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of using these softener packets when compared to using a water softener system in your home.

•   One water softener packet can only be used to soften a small quantity of water. In contrast, a water softener can be used to soften all the hard water that enters your clean water pipe.

•   Purchasing a water softener is more expensive when compared to purchasing a few water softener packets. 

•   Packaged water softeners are full of chemicals. These softener packets make the water undrinkable. If you use a water softener, it will remove the minerals that make the water hard and provide you with water that safe to drink.

•   While water softener packets are used frequently in washing machines to treat small quantities of hard water, the chemicals in the softener packets can have a negative impact on your things. For example, softener packets that contain chemicals such as washing soda and borax make the water cloudy and leave particles on surfaces such as clothes, skin, and dishes. These types of softener packets can damage clothes and cause skin damage.

•   Certain softener packets contain phosphates that have a damaging impact on the environment.

•   Using water softener packets can be more expensive in the long term when compared to using a water softener due to the impact that softener packets have on clothes, skin, and the environment.

So while purchasing a water softener is more expensive than buying a few water softener packets for your washing machine and dishwasher, softener packets contain chemicals that are likely to increase your costs in the long term. So it is best to invest in a high-quality water softener. At Friendly Water, you can find the friendliest advice on water softeners. With our professional experience in water treatment, water systems, water softeners, water filters, and the water industry, we can steer you toward the product that suits your needs and budget.