Water Softeners vs. Descaling Products

Water Softeners vs. Descaling Products

Hard water can cause you many limescale-related problems. The minerals in hard water create scale that can clog your water pipes and stop your appliances from working properly. Hard water can also stop your soaps from forming lather when mixed with water. Running your water through a water softener is one method to soften your water. Descaling products are often marketed as alternatives to water softeners. But a water softener is still the best method to treat hard water, and here is why.

•   Despite the fact that descaling products are less expensive and easier to maintain when compared with water softeners, they simply remove the scale that is left behind by hard water once – not treating the main problem – which is hard water running through water pipes and clogging them. Buying descaling products will not solve the issue.

•   Although descaling products are marketed as salt-free water softeners or magnetic water softeners, these products are not water softeners as they do not actually soften water.

•   A descaling product simply removes the scale that is left behind by hard water. The hardness in hard water is caused by the minerals from the soil and rock that have dissolved in it.

•   Unlike a descaling product, a water softener addresses the problem in the water by removing the minerals in the water that create scale and react badly with soaps.

•   A high-quality water softener provides you with water that is as soft as rainwater. Soft water is gentle on your skin.

As the quality of water is not affected by descaling products, and water softeners improve water quality and prevent scale, water softeners are a better method to treat hard water. So, for water that is gentle on your skin and a product that enables you to get the best out of your pipes, soaps, and appliances, invest in a water softener.

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