The True Impact of Hard Water - 6 Essential Things in Your Home That Rely on Quality Water

hard water limescale

Hard water and the damage it does.

You may assume the hard water flowing through your pipes is no big deal, but that is not the case. Even if all you see is some white residue in the shower, the hardness in your water is doing its damage silently - and relentlessly.

If you need further convincing, just think about the many appliances in your home that rely on a steady supply of fresh pure water. If these devices do not receive that good water, but instead the water full of mineral salts and calcium, they may break down before their time, due to scale, and operate erratically, costing you a ton of money. Here are some of the home appliances and fixtures that are severely harmed by hard water.

•   Coffee maker - if you value your morning cup of java, you should care about your hard water. Hard water will damage the coffee maker, but it will also tarnish the taste in your cup.

•   Dishwasher - For people who hate washing dishes, the quality of water is essential. Hard water is a common cause of premature dishwasher breakdown, but a water softener can help.

•   Washing machine - If you use a ton of detergent and still have dirty or grey and dull clothes, your hard water could be to blame. Hard water makes cleaning clothes extremely difficult, and very expensive.

•   Water heater - This one is pretty obvious. Hard water can corrode your water heater and cause it to break down before it should. If you love long hot showers, you should care about your hard water.

•   Showerhead - Speaking of showers, hard water will damage your showerhead, plugging the nozzles and reducing water pressure over time.

•   Plumbing - Hard water will damage the pipes and plumbing fixtures in your home, clogging the pipes, and that could mean a costly repair bill.

If you have hard water, your appliances are at risk every day. Hard water is extremely corrosive, leaving behind an unsightly white residue, making housework more difficult, causing issues with your laundry and wreaking havoc in your life. If you have not yet installed a water softener, do your appliances, and your family, a favor and get one today.