The Friendly Water Expert That Can Get You The Best Quality Water That You Want

Each manufacturer of a water treatment product or a water system claims that their product is the best product on the market. Well, it is unlikely that all these manufacturers, who are merely marketing their own products, are right. That is why customers need impartial advice by an expert on what to buy to address their water needs. Friendly Water is proud to offer advice on water treatment products and water systems that is independent, based on professional plumbing experience and expertise, based on water industry expertise, and tailored to suit your unique needs.

With the exception of water pressure boosting systems, which we manufacture and provide with our Boost-a-Main systems, we are not linked to manufacturers that provide products to meet the various needs of the water industry. So we offer and can compare the products from leading manufacturers of water softeners, water filters, and water taps, and give you impartial advice, which is entirely based on your individual household needs and budget, on what to buy. 

Advice That You Can Depend On.

Friendly Water is a trusted water expert.

Read on for a list of our bona fides. 

•   A WHICH? Trusted Traders member

•   Over 20,000 happy customers 

•   A Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (IPHE) member

•   Approved by the Surrey Trading Standards 

•   Over 40 years of experience in the water industry

The Friendliest Team of Water Treatment Professionals 

As our name suggests, our service is friendly, which is why we have won awards for it. We can give you the information that you need on the products of all the leading brands, recommend the product that suits you, and install it for you. According to customer reviews, we are reliable, courteous, tidy, and provide excellent workmanship. So why risk choosing the wrong water product or having the right water product improperly installed when you can connect with Friendly Water? You can get in touch with us today to get a quick quote. Or you can invite us to visit you at your convenience. We are looking forward to hearing from you.