Softened Water & Eczema

Here at Friendly Water we have discussed the wide ranging benefits of softened water many times before including the relief it brings to those suffering from skin conditions such as atopic eczema. This disorder is an inflammatory, relapsing, non-contagious and itchy skin problem suffered by many people including 20 per cent of children in the UK.


Installing a water softener to a household who suffer from this type of condition can help transform the health of those who have previously had to deal with the results of constant itching and scratching and frustration! To a family member suffering from eczema there can be a considerable improvement to skin inflammation using softened water. Anecdotal reports throughout the industry show that softened water can reduce the debilitating effects of eczema.


An article by the Daily Mail in 2009 reports this very situation through a trial set up by the University of Portsmouth.


One unhappy mother of a baby suffering with atopic eczema was so desperate to heal her son’s cracked and bleeding skin she sought help through this study. Having tried virtually every skin emollient and moisturiser available Annie, mother of baby Dylan, decided to get the youngster included in the trial after spotting an advert for volunteers.


Astonishingly it only took two weeks before her son’s skin was much improved. What’s more he and she were able to sleep through the night due to the relief the softened water had brought to Dylan’s skin and indirectly both of them!

After 12 weeks the water softener was removed by the research team to test what impact it had had on Dylan and sure enough the eczema quickly started to reappear. Unsurprisingly Annie decided to invest in her very own device and hasn’t looked back.


“Portsmouth University School of Health Sciences associate head Prof Tara Dean said eczema could not be cured but it was possible to manage its symptoms.....

In Dylan's case there has been a dramatic improvement. It's given him his life back. “