Signs of Hard Water You Should Never Ignore

Hard water limescale damage

Hard water can create a lot of problems in your home, the main problems being:

1. Your expensive household appliances have a shorter life: dishwasher, washing machine, boilers, kettles etc.

2. There are limescale stains in the kitchen and bathroom that are difficult to remove.

You should also be on the lookout for the other very obvious signs of hard water damage:

Clothes are hard to clean: if your clothes look grey..ish and unclean after washing, it could be the result of hard water, as hard water leaves lots of calcium and mineral salts residue and scale on the clothes during the washing process, making your clothes look dull. The detergent does not work well either in hard water, as it is less effective.

Lack of leather in the shower: your shampoo or soap makes no bubbles or lather, leaving you feeling unwashed. Hard water can reduce the amount of lather because heard water mineral prevent it.

White stains in your bathroom which are hard to clean: hard water residue.

Frequent water heater replacement: hard water is very bad for water heaters, and the limescale it leaves behind clogs the water pipes, the pipes inside the unit, which causes the shortened life of that water heater or any appliance that uses a heating element.

Installing a water softener can solve all your hard water problems in one day. Ask for a quote today!

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