Salt price issues to consider when buying a water softener.

Water softener salt price issues to consider when buying a water softener

As salt prices are rising in the UK in 2022, the efficiency of your water softener really starts to matter, when it comes to salt usage and salt waste. There are numerous price rises happening at the moment for salt production, transport, sea freight, labour, packaging discharge rates, inland haulage increases, resulting in increase across the board for salt products.

Looking at salt prices in Costco, we can see that the Hydrosoft Water Softener Tablet Salt 25 kg bag (product item number 309483), which used to cost £4.79 per bag, now costs £13.99 per bag. And it is out of stock!

With salt becoming more expensive, it is becoming more and more important to choose the most efficient and economical water softener, and, as you start looking comparing efficiencies, Hague Maximizer comes to the top of the pile. Hague water softeners are designed to be the most efficient when it comes to salt usage and waste.

Efficiency of a water softener explained

If a water softener would be 100% efficient, there would be no salt waste at all. But it is impossible, so you need to look at the salt waste percentage of a water softener, when considering it’s efficiency.

If there would be no wasted salt at all, then, to produce a 1000 ltr of softened water, at 300 mlg hardness - the process would require 351 g of salt per 1000 ltr of softened water produced.

To compare efficiency of water softeners, you need to see how much salt they use above that figure of 351 g. Anything above 351 g is waste, so the question is how much waste.

The average block salt non-electric water softener is only about 43% efficient, as it produces 449 g  waste on top of each 351g salt used to make 1000 ltr of soft water. Total salt used: 800 g.

In comparison, Hague Maximizer 410 only uses 427 mg in total of salt per each 1000 ltr of softened water produced. It only wastes 77 g (!)  of salt per every 351g of salt utilised. Which makes it 82% effective!

Also, be aware the salt trap: Some manufacturers are patenting block salt shape and are committing their customers to purchasing salt exclusively from them. That salt would only fit their water softeners, and you will have to buy salt at the prices they establish. In the market where the prices are rising, it is important to have a choice and be able to purchase salt from a supplier of choice.

Water Softener Benefits

Some people believe that water softeners are expensive to operate and maintain, and that they produce large amounts of salt waste. But both of these statements are false. A water softener can be operated rather cheaply and will save you money on soap, detergent, and limescale removal products in the long run. It will also save you significant amount of money on repairs of corroded heating elements in your home appliances, and replacement of damaged appliances because of limescale and corrosion.

The question is to choose the best and most economical water softener. We recommend Hague Maximizer as the most efficient water softeners available on the market today.

Softened water does not contain any salt residue, so it is safe for both humans and plants. Soft water is the best kind of water and for good reasons. While it's more likely to be healthy for your skin and hair, it also makes cleaning easier.

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