Rivers in England contaminated. The costs of water treatment are rising. Can a domestic drinking water filter help your home?

Drinking water filters can help with water pollution

It has been all over the news last week that the MPs in England had warned that rivers in England are highly contaminated and contain a cocktail of pollutants and sewage. The pollution comes mainly from agricultural and road sources, and contains microplastics, oils, wipes and car tyre pieces.

Why a clear water is so important?

Having high quality Water is essential to our life, our bodies depend on water. On average, each of us living in England uses up to 140 litres of water a day. That includes drinking, and also washing, cooking, household uses.

Despite the fact that the tap water in the UK is safe, the overall increasing pollution means that more and more water treatment is required to process the water to make it clean and safe, which affects the household bills. Contaminated water also threatens the nature and wildlife, and the food system.

Wildlife Trusts publish that rising pollution levels actually threaten up to 10 % of freshwater and wetland habitat to be extinct. 38% of fish in England and Wales are ill as a consequence of pollution and fail basic health checks.

What are the main sources of pollution?

  1. Agriculture: the rising use of fertilisers and pesticides – this accounts for 40% of water pollution in the UK.
  2. 35% of pollution is coming from sewage released by water companies
  3. Contamination that comes from roads, such as oil and other car waste

The Ecology Professor at Cardiff University Steve Ormerod, warns of other threats. He says: "We need to understand the risks which come with emerging pollutants - pharmaceuticals, microplastics. We don't know, at this stage how big a problem they're going to be."

Although efforts have been made to slow the pollution of water in the country, acid rain and sewage pollution, and various campaigns have been conducted, the movement has stalled since 2016 and little progress has been made. 

Can domestic water filters and RO systems help?

Yes, absolutely. RO domestic water filtration systems eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses from tap water, as well as other impurities and contaminants. Installing a drinking water filter is a simple and very cost effective way of having a clear and safe drinking water in your home. It will save your money in the long run on buying bottled water.

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