Reverse Osmosis Purified Drinking Water Systems

If you have concerns about the quality of your water, as well as taste, then installing an Reverse Osmosis purified drinking water system is the best choice you can make. Reverse osmosis (RO) is viewed as the ultimate in drinking water quality. Its popularity, in recent years, has clearly shown that RO can give water a totally new dimension. The result is a highly refined water, which once experienced, activates the taste buds in a marvellously thirst quenching way.

Unlike filtration RO water is exceptionally pure. The process can remove a wide variety of contaminants in water including organics, inorganics, bacteria and particulate matter. It provides a barrier to most ‘nasties’ in water, including cysts, like cryptosporidium, which makes it an ideal choice for use on private well and bore hole supplies in addition to ordinary mains tap water.

An in-home RO system can be installed under or in the vicinity of the kitchen sink. In a hard water area it is advisable to use an RO in conjunction with a water softener. Chalk and lime will block the membrane pores. A membrane will last twice as long on softened water as well as removing the sodium content. The minimum water pressure required is 2.7 bar (40psi). Small RO pumps are available to provide the correct incoming pressure if it is insufficient.

A good RO system can perform well over a long period of time and consistently remove 99% of bacteria. It will also remove giarda cysts and the majority of viruses. The system will also eliminate 90% of simple organics and 99% of larger organic material. The reverse osmosis water purification process is the best you can get when it comes to comparing water quality. It will improve beverage mixes, ice cubes, cooking and baking. RO water is known to enhance aromas and give rich flavours. It is better than bottled water at a fraction of the price.

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