Recent E.Coli contamination of tap water in Surrey and Kent, and the importance of a drinking water filter to protect your household.

RO home drinking water filter

As E.coli bacteria in tap water hits thousands of homes in Surrey and Kent, we, as water treatment experts, can’t emphasize enough the big benefit of having a home drinking water filter installed at home – a filter which removes up to 99% of bacteria and viruses from tap water, while making it also taste better.

While tap water is generally safe in the UK – outbreaks like that do happen once in a while, and homeowners in affected areas are advised to boil their drinking water before using it.

The deadly bacteria presence in tap water was discovered during the routine water inspection last week, and more that 440 postcodes are potentially being affected by E.Coli contamination in their drinking water.

Water firms had been told by the government several weeks ago that they could cut back on the amount of chemicals used to protect water because of Brexit-related supply problems. 

The government was warned about shortages in chemicals required to protect the water supply and advised companies to stretch their supplies to cover any deficiencies. The residents of affected areas have been advised to boil their drinking water, including for their pets, and keep the boiled water in the fridge, covered, - but  for no longer than 24 hours.

Why go through all these efforts when you can simply install the drinking water filter which will do the job for you and will keep your water safe for years?

Protect your household by installing a Reverse Osmosis drinking water filter. RO water systems are capable of removing up to 99% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), bacteria and viruses, thus supplying safe water with a pure taste for drinking and cooking.  The water filter will also improve the taste and flavour of water, your hot beverages and cooking. 

While there are lots of other drinking water filtration options you can use for your home, such as: simple filters compatible with all brands of fridge and freezers, or scale reduction filters, we recommend the RO filters as the best option to remove bacteria and viruses from your drinking water.

Our independent water treatment experts at Friendly Water will recommend the best water filtration system and drinking water tap for you home or business, based on your individual requirements. Contact us for a friendly advice today.