MERRY CHRISTMAS! Keeping You and Your Christmas Tree Sufficiently Watered Over Yuletide.

Ok, so we know that “Christmas is the season to be jolly” and “jolly” can all too often mean consuming too many festive tipples.Family gatherings, work do’s, old friends reuniting, neighbourly soirees, we all partake in some or all of these drinks laden occasions. So, how can we fend off the inevitable dehydration and hangover that confirms a good night had by all?

"Drink more water!" I hear you cry? Yes, simply because we must keep hydrated but why oh why do we so often not follow this elementary rule (myself included)? Probably because the last thing we want to do the morning after is be healthy. So, why not be preventative as opposed to reactive. 

Below are our top tips to keep hydrated in the first place to help prevent the ensuing dehydration:

1. On the day of a big night out and the following day drink at least 6 glasses of water

2. If water just doesn’t inspire you enough then dilute it with juice or herbal tea to help maintain fluid

3. Drink Decaffeinated tea and coffee as these count towards your fluid intake

4. Make sure you have a glass of water between each drink, whilst out, as this will maintain fluid. It will also fill you up so stop you from wanting to splurge

5. There is an obvious one here to end on – avoid alcohol and stick to sparkling water or non alcoholic cocktails – yummy!

Lastly the Christmas tree.......

If you don’t want a needle free, scantily clad Christmas tree by 25th December then you must water your freshly cut tree every day.

According Jill O’Donnell, Michigan State University “As an example, a tree with a 2-inch diameter trunk may initially use 2 quarts of water per day; a tree with a 4-inch diameter trunk may use more than 1 gallon per day. So when choosing a stand for an average tree, you will want to choose a stand that holds at least 1 to 1.5 gallons of water”.

Keep yourself and your tree hydrated this Christmas and you will reap the benefits!

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year from Friendly Water!