How to Choose a Water Softener

So, you have realised that there is more to life than constantly cleaning out the soap and hard water scum from your bathroom?You are fed up with being out of pocket from spending your hard earned income on expensive cleaning products.

You may be tired of washing your clothes only to find them spoiled with the colour drained? You are concerned about the effects of hard water on your family’s skin.

You are sick of all of your water utilising appliances breaking down and having limescale problems!

This means that you have made the right choice. You have decided to buy a water softener from Friendly Water!

Where Do You Start?

Water softeners are available in many different model types and generally range in price from £399+vat to £3000+vat. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right model for your home. Friendly Water will assist you with your choice so there is no need to feel lost or bogged down with regards to your options.

Firstly, look at your budget as you need to be able to affordably install your system.

The plumbing system you currently have needs to be taken into consideration.

How big is your home?

What size will your water softener need to be?

How many people will be using the water? How often?

You need a system which will suit the whole family. The cost of the system is also something to think about. For a relatively small outlay you can provide your family with a long term solution to hard water, saving a great deal of money as you go.

Where Does Friendly Water Come In?

Friendly Water is a completely impartial company who take pride in the provision of water softening solutions. We will visit your home or workplace and go through your requirements ultimately matching them to the most suitable solution for the surrounding environment and your needs. We offer a completely free site visit to assess your requirements and demonstrate the benefits of softened water and we give you a fair quotation.


Visiting at a time which suits you best, an engineer will test water pressure and hardness. We will survey your home and agree with you on the best location for installation of your water softener. Friendly Water will provide you with a personalised quotation and will be more than happy to talk through any questions and concerns with you. We will fully illustrate the benefits which softened water will bring to your home. Friendly Water’s team of knowledgeable staff are on the end of the telephone should you need them even after your installation. We offer complete peace of mind throughout the pre-installation and installation of your new water softener.


Friendly Water offers a free cartridge change service on all our popular ranges. We take all of the hassle out of cartridge replacement as we actually contact you before this is due and then send our engineer to carry this out. You only pay for the filter!


Contact us today on 01932 245200 to start the process of improving the water in your property.