How Safe is Your Drinking Water from Your Water Provider?

How Safe is Your Drinking Water from Your Water Provider?

According to Farmers Weekly, last year here in the UK we saw the use of slug pellets significantly increase due to extensive rainfall and a booming slug population. Metaldehyde, the compound used in slug pesticide used by many UK farmers, can be found in the drinking water provided by your water supplier (it is nearly impossible to remove) and as a result the levels are far higher than usual. The Guardian recently reported that “ Metaldehyde could be found in 81 of 647 sources”. This includes areas in and around London and Surrey. Metaldehyde in drinking water is only removable by reverse osmosis purification.

After introducing a voluntary system to UK farmers to find alternative, environmentally safe ways to control the use of pesticides for controlling slug populations for example, the government have had to take control a step further with new rules as the former scheme was unsuccessful.

Over the next three years arable farmers will have to comply with new government legislation for the use of professional pesticide as part of the EU’s Sustainable Use Directive (SUD).

By 2016 Farmers will have to prove they are looking at different means of controlling pests under the Integrated Pest Management regulation.

This means that the drinking water available to us, from our respective water utility companies, in many areas is sub standard and will potentially remain so until this time.

In order for you to take control of what you are putting into your body from a supposed “trusted source” the best solution to this problem is to install a reverse osmosis system to purify your drinking water.

Reverse osmosis (RO) is viewed as the ultimate in drinking water quality. Its popularity, in recent years, has clearly shown that RO can give water a totally new dimension. The result is a highly refined water. The process can remove a wide variety of contaminants in water including Metaldehyde and is by far the most cost effective and safe way to ensure you and your family are consuming purified water.

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