How Hard Water Costs You Cash

If you're one of the millions of UK people who live in an area with hard water, your mains supply could be costing you your hard-earned cash. Here are the five main reasons why:

1) Hard Water Affects Plumbing

Hard water is packed with minerals, and over time they'll start to build up as deposits in your plumbing. This can raise the pressure inside the pipes, increasing the risks of bursts, and shortening the life of your whole plumbing installation.

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

2) Hard Water Affects Appliances

Even worse, the same mineral deposits can cause huge harm to any appliances that are connected to your mains supply. As the deposits build up in your washing machine or dishwasher, they'll work less efficiently and wear out more quickly.

3) Hard Water Affects Heating Costs

Hard water can also push up your heating bills. Mineral deposits in water heaters act as an insulator, stopping the heat transferring from the heater element to the water. This means the water is slower to heat up and uses more energy in the process, and this will show up in higher energy bills.

Hard water costs you cash

4) Cookware and Utensils

Hard water is also more damaging to your cookware and utensils, especially metal items placed in a dishwasher. Using softer water will protect your knives, pans, glasses, and dishes, keeping them looking newer for longer and reducing the wear and tear that leads to frequent replacements.

5) Having Have To Buy Bottled Water

Lastly, the high mineral levels of hard water can make it unpleasant to drink. If this means you're reaching for expensive bottled water every day, then that's a constant drain on your wallet. Installing a water softener in your home or office will let you enjoy all the taste and quality of bottled water at a fraction of the expense and environmental impact.

Installing a water softener together with a drinking water filter is a quick way to remedy all these problems, and the low initial cost will easily be recouped once you stop losing money in these five common ways. In short, install a water softener in your home and you'll keep more of your hard-earned money in your own pocket, with the savings continuing for years to come.

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