Homeserve Misselling Water Pipe Repair Policy

Water company customers who already have home emergency cover may well have bought additional coverage unwittingly, after promotion from their water company for the emergency home maintenance firm Homserve.

This is despite a draft warning from the Financial Conduct Authority being issued to Homeserve after an 18-month investigation into its sales, marketing and customer service processes.

Thames Water is one of the six utilities companies who were still promoting Homeserve during in a quality check carried out by Which in January this year.

Back in 2012 Which carried out an investigation into those water companies promoting Homeserve’s emergency pipe repair policy to their own customers, despite providing their own free of charge water pipe repair scheme to which their customers were not alerted.

Homeserve is set to be fined by a record amount of £34.5 million for misselling and poor complaints handling dating back to 2005.

The company is currently in the process of arranging compensation for those who have been mis-sold.

As reported by Which “More than two million customers have taken out insurance against burst pipes, faulty boilers and electrical problems with the firm.”


A special helpline has been opened by Homeserve for customers who think they may have been sold an unsuitable policy - 0800 121 6866.

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