Home water filter. What are the benefits?

Home drinking water filter

If you are looking for ways in which you can improve your drinking water at home and upgrade and improve your home plumbing in general - water filtration and water softening are the key improvements to not only the quality and safety of your water, but the protection and performance of your plumbing and appliances.

Home water filter. What are the benefits?

It has been announced recently that at least ninety water treatment plants in the UK are starting to test wastewater for traces of Coronavirus, in order to prevent the local outbreaks early.

Having safe and clean water at home is becoming increasingly important.

RO household drinking water filters remove pathogens, harmful bacteria, and viruses from your water supply. Usually chlorine and other chemicals are used to sanitize water, but a lot of pathogens have developed resistance to these methods over time. The only way to get rid of all potentially harmful microorganisms in water, is to use an RO water filtration system.

The RO drinking water filter, often combined with a drinking water tap, also delivers a better tasting water. Tasty water will make your tea, coffee and cooking taste better!

Home water softener: what are the benefits?

1. Softer water household use: If you live in a hard water area, your clothing, appliances and even hair can be wrecked by the mineral deposits that laden your water supply. A high-quality household water filtration system removes these deposits from your water. This water softening process prevents the build-up of limescale in your boiler's heating element and in washing machines, dishwashers and your home's plumbing. Softer water saves on energy, detergents and costly plumbing repairs and appliance replacement.

2. Purified water for hair and skin: Softer and cleaner water means that your personal care has improved, gentler cleansing for hair and skin. This is especially desirable for children and those with skin conditions.

3. Keep your clothing in better condition: Poor quality water can leave your clothing looking dull and lifeless after a machine wash, as chalky deposits in your water settle on your fabrics. A home-wide supply of filtered water means that your clothes are no longer affected in this way and their use is prolonged.

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