Finding Remedies for Low Water Pressure

Solutions to low water pressure, water softener, water booster pump, Boost-a-Main

What could be the causes of low water pressure in your home and what solutions are there to fix the problem?

Low water pressure is a common problem experienced by many households. Fortunately, solutions exist that can solve this problem permanently. Here are four readily available solutions to do so.

Dissolve Mineral Deposits in Pipes

Perhaps the easiest and least time-consuming solution, dissolving mineral deposits should always be your first line of attack against low water pressure. A build-up of mineral deposits reduces water pressure by limiting unrestricted flow and causes the water to exit faucets and showerheads more slowly. The most commonly found culprits are iron, copper, calcium, and magnesium deposits.

Repair or Replace Broken Water Pipes to Improve Flow

When pipes break, crack, or dislodge, the water pressure in a home or business is negatively affected. The only way to remedy this situation is to repair or replace the damaged pipes. This task should be tackled by a licensed professional with the experience to complete the job successfully.

Install a Water Softener

If your water pressure issues are caused by mineral build-up, the installation of a water softener can prevent the problem from becoming worse. Hard water wreaks havoc on your plumbing system. You may even be able to see evidence of the build-up on the ends of your faucets as well as in the tiny aerator screens. Of course, the pipes should still be treated for mineral deposits prior to the installation of your new water softener.

Install a Water Pressure Pump

Installing a pump can boost your water pressure significantly. Several types of pumps are available, including ones designed to power a select area, as well as ones that boost the water through the water pipes throughout the entire building.

Solutions for low water pressure are readily available. Don't suffer with the slow trickle of a showerhead or barely functioning faucet. Hire a professional to assist you in making the necessary modifications and enjoy free-flowing water once again.

The Boost-a-Main system - is a perfect solution for low water pressure and is a smart system designed for multiple bathrooms applications. It is a directly connected water pressure booster pump which comes with water accumulators of different sizes. Patented and manifactured in the UK.

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