Drugs in our water

Our water may contain traces of drugs used in pharmaceutical and personal products.

According to the latest and largest ever conducted study of wastewater for drugs contaminants, done by the EU drug monitoring boards, our water contains traces of drugs used in pharmaceutical and personal products.

The research also shows that London wastewater contains more cocaine than any other European cities, including Amsterdam. Cocaine content in water is generally higher in western and some southern European cities, than in northern and Eastern Europe.

The concentration of methamphetamine - an incredibly addictive stimulant drug - is very low indeed in western Europe, and high in cities in Czech Republic, Slovakia and northern Europe.

Amphetamine content in water is, more or less, evenly distributed across Europe, with a higher concentration in northern Europe.

The question is, whether the drug use is correlated with the economic wealth of the regions, in general, as cocaine is a more expensive drug than the other two.

Unfortunately, the excreted drugs can sometimes end up in drinking water supply, as some traces of drugs can escape the water treatment plants and can end up in our waterways.

Source: Water Online