Considering a new kitchen? It’s an ideal time to install a water softener.

The difference that softened water will make to your home is amazing

Imagine a life with cleaner skin and softer hair. A life with brighter clothing and bathroom fittings that shine. Imagine fewer water marks around your kitchen and less soap scum. Imagine reducing spending on everything from appliance servicing, energy costs to weekly household shopping.

Welcome to the world of softened water and the many benefits you can enjoy with a water softener recommendation from Friendly Water.

Water softeners remove all the chalk and lime in the water and replace it with a small amount of soft sodium. This makes your water softer than rain water, providing huge savings in soaps, shampoos and washing powders. Softened water will remove existing scale deposits - guaranteed. Crud around taps, staning in the kitchen and bathroom and blocked shower roses will be a thing of the past. 

Water softeners have also come to the Government attention. This has led to a Building Regulation compliance guide (2007) which makes water treatment mandatory with all new boilers fitted into homes.

We work in collaboration with a large number of kitchen and bathroom companies across the UK. We can fit your new water softenr at the time you have your new kitchen installed. A site survey is very important to assess site circumstances. This is free and without obligation, and if you are having your kitchen fitted shortly, we would do this survey as soon as possible. There may be plumbing and other issues to be resolved.