Clean and safe drinking water in Europe. Tap water in Europe will now be safe to drink.

Clean and safe drinking  water in Europe. Tap water in Europe will now be safe to drink.

New higher standards for tap water quality have been approved by the EU Council. Drinking water will now be safe to drink across all the EU countries.

The European Council has recently approved the provisional measures to update the quality standards for drinking water, to make sure drinking water across Europe is absolutely safe to drink.

The provisional agreement has been reached with the EU parliament by the ambassadors of all the EU countries on a proposal to further improve the standards of drinking water across Europe. The revised drinking water directive will enter into force within the following weeks.

The new approach to monitoring water quality is being introduced, and the quality standards that the tap water must meet are being raised. In addition, in order to protect human health and ensure no contamination takes place, there are now new hygienic requirements being applied to the materials that come in contact with drinking water, such as water pipes. A new watch list mechanism is being introduced monitor specific substances in drinking water, which have an effect on human health. These substances include microplastics, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors, such as Beta-estradiol, Nonylphenol and Bisphenol A.

New extended measures are also being taken to improve general access to tap water across Europe. More drinking water fountains will be installed in public places. Citizens will be more encouraged to drink tap water and order it in restaurants and cafes, and the informational campaigns about the safety of tap water will be launched by member states. In addition, EU will ensure that citizens now can access the information about the quality of drinking water in their regions.

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