Ahh… The Joys of Softened Water!

I recently had a trip to Dorset from where I hail. Beautiful Thomas Hardy country with rolling green fields and a Jurassic coast so splendid I want to move back upon each visit.

However, my time in Poole reminded me about the contrast between hard and soft water. Having extremely hard water where I was staying ,and no softener in place to resolve the issue, I noticed significant differences compared to my home. I too live in a hard water area in Surrey but 4 years ago invested in a softener and now appreciate it all over again. 
Firstly stepping out of the shower and running a comb through my hair it took me back to my childhood bathtime and my mother dragging a steel comb through my fine knotted hair. An unpleasant experience ensued as I had to relive the tousling turmoil with a comb all over again, even having used conditioner! Sometimes I don't bother with the stuff at home as I find I don't really need it having a softener. In Dorset I needed to not only use the stuff but double the amount just to try and avoid eye watering hair combing dramas. I noticed that my skin seemed to dry out as a result of the hard water no doubt. Copious amounts of body lotion was required to combat that uncomfortable tight dry feeling after my shower in hard water.
The other immediately noticeable difference was the tea. Oh my goodness the tea. Being very British and savouring each sip of my first cup of tea of the day as I do each morning, I now had to contend with  the most distasteful brew. Even with one of those horrible limescale ball things floating around the bottom of the kettle, the water I poured onto my tea bag was positively chalky. To say the resulting beverage could be used as facepaint is no exaggeration. The perfect cup of tea must have filtered water I said to myself resolutely.
It may seem as though these are the small things in life but starting the day with a good shower experience and the perfect cup of tea is an absolute must in our household. I shall never again take for granted my treasured water softener and filter at home.