5% of bladder cancer cases in Europe are caused by tap water.

According to the latest research, the chemicals called trihalomethanes, found in tap water, are linked to a lot of cancer cases in Europe, and that includes using tap water in all usual ways: for drinking, showering and bathing.

The amount of trihalomethanes found in the tap water in the UK breaches the EU contamination levels, and the study suggests that tap water may be the cause of one in 20 cases of bladder cancers in Europe a year. The EU’s safe maximum limit of THMs in water had been set to be 11.7 micrograms per litre (ug/L). In the UK, for example, the levels of THMs in water are: 24.2 ug/L. In Ireland: 47.3 ug/L.

With regards to the UK, the study’s estimation is that 1,356 bladder cancers since 2005 in the UK – were actually caused by contaminated water. The actual cause is the long-term exposure to chemicals trihalomethanes, which are the by-product of chlorine disinfection process of water at supply plants.

Data for the published study was obtained from 26 countries of the EU: all except from Bulgaria and Romania, and have shown the presence of the THMs chemicals in tap water. The study estimates that the average THM levels were above legal levels in nine countries: Britain, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland and Italy.

In total, the researchers concluded that 6, 561 bladder cancers in Europe a year are attributable to the exposure to Trihalomethanes.

In the US, a study discovered that 22 carcinogenic substances are present in water across the United States. Exposure to arsenic, the products of disinfectant chemicals and traces of radioactive chemicals like uranium and radium – have the most effect on cancer risks.

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