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Water Softener Systems UK

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Water Treatment Systems UK

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Friendly Water offers drinking water filtration and water purification systems to suit all budgets and every possible requirement.

Water Softeners

Water Softeners

Our best selling brands include:

Hague Maximizer 400, Hague Maximizer 700, Harveys HV3, Ecowater ESM 15, Ecowater ESM 11, Kinetico 2020c HE, Kinetico Aqua, and Simple Soft 600M.

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The use of water softeners in your home or business provides real savings and benefits. More on the benefits of softened water.

Water softeners have been used by the industry in the UK for nearly one hundred years. However, domestic softeners were for many years considered a luxury. They are now affordable, and play an important part in today's modern home, along with other traditional white goods. View our full product range

How does a water softener work? The modern water softener is a system which contains a material called ion exchange resin, to remove hardness minerals from the hard water supply. The removal of the minerals eliminates scale in the hot water system, bathroom and shower fittings, and puts a stop to scum forming when soap is used in sinks, baths and with washing and laundry. Read more

Types of Domestic Softener: Single tank, Twin tank, Non-electric, Timer-controlled, Volume-controlled Read more

Water Pressure Boosting Systems

Water Pressure Boosting Systems

Specialist water mains pressure and water flow boosting systems. 

The Boost-a-Main water pressure boosting system has been very successful since its launch in 2008 with our trade, commercial and private customers.

Our own exclusive water mains pressure & flow boosting systems can deliver the water flow and pressure you need, whatever the pressure is from the mains. As manufacturers of the Boost-a-Main systems, we at Friendly Water offer nationwide support and applications advice. 

  • Mains water pumping without the break tanks
  • The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 - Compliant
  • Powerful - Up to 4 Bar outlet pressure
  • Flow rates up to 300 litres/minute
  • Outlet pipe sizes from 28 to 54 mm
  • Designed to optimise accumulator capacity (over 65% when fully pressurised)
  • Compact and quiet
  • Reliable - Fail safe
  • Sizes and configurations for all applications

The system is very simple in operation. Just connect the mains feed to the inlet, the rest of the plumbing to the outlet, connect the accumulator(s) and power it up. The outlet performance is determined by the design requirements of the plumbing system. The only limit to available water flow is the maximum capacity for a given pipe size. It is possible to vary the size and number of accumulators used with any of our water pressure systems according to spare and access limitations. All accumulators are WRAS approved.

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