Taps and Tap Systems
We offer a wide selection of boiling water taps, filter, sparkling water and multi function taps

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Our best selling Water Tap brands include:

Tri Flo Quadro System 

A revolutionary 4 way tap which offers hot,cold,filtered & boiling water - 'One kitchen One tap'


The 'original' boiling tap which dispenses water at 100c for that perfect cup of tea.


The 'Red' offers kettle hot water direct from the tap with 'cool touch' technology.  Grohe 'Blue' incorporates hot,cold & filtered water served chilled still or sparkling all from one tap.


3-in-1 Taps. Deliciously hot and refreshingly cold filtered water.


We allow you to mix and match:  If, for example, you like a certain style of tap, but would like to upgrade the filter type to stop scale, for example, then we can advise on compatibility and give you just what you would like.

As usual, we install and maintain everything we sell, using our own employed team.