Simple Soft 400

Simple Soft 400

Overall Rating: 2.8 (Out of 5)

Quality softener water at an excellent price.

The Simple Soft 400 is an outstanding example of a traditional electric operated softener able to meet the requirements of the most budget conscious buyer.

  • Salt used per regeneration: 1.8 kg
  • Water used per regeneration: 112 litres (maximum used in any 24 hr period)
  • Max daytime working pressure: 8.2 bar (120 psi) . A PLV should be fitted if pressure is above 5 bar.
  • Min daytime working pressure: 1.4 bar (20 psi). A pump should be fitted below this level.
  • Maximum working temperature: 49C (120F)
  • Maximum flow rate: 45 1/min (1 bar pressure drop approx).
  • Electrical requirements: 240 volt AC (50HZ) fused at 3amps
  • Electrical consumption: 3 watts (controller operates at 12 volt DC via transformer).
  • Inlet/outlet connection: 3/4" BSP male
  • Overflow/drain connection: 1/2" hose spigot
  • Salt storage: 12 kg of tablet salt (approx)
  • Shipping weight: 18 kg

Height: 53 cm x Width: 27.5 cm x Depth: 47 cm

Resin capacity: 10 litres

Allows for connectioins at rear for pipework.

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