Kinetico Compact HE

Kinetico Premier Compact HE

Overall Rating: 3.1 (Out of 5)

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A quality water softener with e-max technology for great performance, efficiency and service. 

Fits neatly in kitchen cupboard
Suitable for 1 - 3 bathrooms

  • Easy to maintain: just add salt to your machine.
  • Twin tank system provides guaranteed uninterrupted supply of soft water 24/7. When one tank is regenerating (cleaning) the other tank takes over ensuring you always have a supply of soft water.
  • No power cables to plug-in, no meters or timers to set, no electronic components to corrode over time - and no electricity costs.

Dimensions: H 498mm x W 219mm x D 468mm

Regeneration Time: 11 minutes

Service Flow Rate: At 1 bar pressure drop: 33.3 L per min

Salt Usage: 0.34 kg

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